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DuPont’s unique material, Tyvek®, combines the best properties of paper, film and textile. At the same time, it weighs half as much as similar materials with comparable durability.

Two strong partners Tyvek® Rollenware Fachverkauf und Handelspartner | HINDERMANN

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Two strong partners

As an authorized trade partner in cooperation with DuPont, we at HINDERMANN have been sourcing a range of Tyvek® variants, processing them in our areas of business and distributing them as rolled goods.

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Worldwide, Tyvek® stands for breathable, resilient, durable and water-repellant films made of 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Its “secret” is the special manufacturing process, the flash-spun-bond technique. The material is obtained by spinning very finely interwoven fibers. The fibers obtain their outstanding strength through heat and pressure, completely without chemicals. That’s why Tyvek® offers a unique woven structure, more durable, more robust and with more favorable characteristics than most conventional packing materials. Tyvek®’s triumphant success, which is still unbroken to this day, began more than 40 years ago.

Tyvek® Tyvek® Rollenware Fachverkauf und Handelspartner | HINDERMANN

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